Foundation for Intercultural Participation and Integration

Foundation for Intercultural Participation and Integration (SIPI) started in 2005 in Amsterdam as a small NGO of migrant women. Now it is an independent organization financed on the base of youth related projects and language and integration lessons by municipalities, ministries and funds. The mission of SIPI is ‘to empower (migrant) people to take direction over their own lives, and participate fully in society’.

On the basis of this mission SIPI developed a methodology for parental support, to help migrant people to raise their children in western society (Coach your child). And SIPI developed a group training for young people with a migrant background (Diamond). Diamond is a methodology that makes young people more resilient to risks of school drop out, criminality, psychological problems, polarization and radicalization.

SIPI developed the training for young migrant people, and a train the trainer-formation program to become a Diamond trainer. SIPI offers coaching and advice on the local implementation of the training.