Foundation for Strategic Reaserch

The Foundation for Strategic Research based in Paris is one of the most prominent independent French research institutions in the field of Security and Defence. As a public‐interest foundation, it has a two‐core mission:

  • Promoting the national public debate on strategic issues related with the Security and Defence;
  • Carrying out research works and studies in the field of Security and Defence with the aim to bring an independent expertise to interested decision‐makers, either public or private.

More generally, the FRS activity has been addressing the European dimension of the Security and Defence issues and has contributed to many works beyond the French context in association with its main counterparts in Europe, or even outside of Europe. It must also be noted that FRS members have contributed directly to the latest « Defence and Security White Book” delivered in 2008 to the French government.

The FRS has an interdisciplinary team of thirty researchers: experts in international and strategic matters, political scientists, engineers, scientists and former military, most of whom teach at major civil and military schools (Ecole Polytechnique, ENA, Saint‐Cyr, Sciences Po, etc.) and universities. Moreover, the FRS welcomes PhD students and interns working on international and strategic issues

The FRS belongs to an international research centres network. It has established cooperation‐based partnerships with several of them around research programmes, either independent or supported by international institutions.

The Foundation publishes a number of books, notes and occasional papers (on its website), as well as two series with l’Harmattan Edition, and cooperates closely with the French newspaper Le Monde (Bilan Géostrategique, 2010, 2011, 2013). A documentation service and a library provide specialized material, books and reports.