Netherlands Organisation for applied research TNO

TNO is a knowledge organisation for companies, government bodies and public organisations. TNO holds a prominent position in international science and develops new knowledge together with universities and the top technology institutes. We make innovation possible by translating scientific knowledge into practice, with a focus on Defence, Security and Safety in the broadest sense of the word.

Our involvement ranges from military operations, military equipment, command and operational decision-making, threat and protection, instruction and training, to combating crime, calamity and terrorism. Within the business unit Human Factors, experts in psychology, sociology and cultural anthropology conduct research on social influence, intergroup relations and the relationship of individuals and groups (teams) with their social and physical environment particularly where the environment elicits stress reactions. The research is conducted for, amongst others, the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Transport, and other governmental organisations and has both an applied and fundamental character.

TNO coordinated the SAFIRE project. In addition, TNO contributed to various parts of the research technology work. We, together with CEIS, developed the non-linear model of radicalisation which was the basis for the empirical study. We supported the University of Amsterdam in the designing and carrying out of this study. TNO was also responsible for the evaluation of interventions intended to reverse, halt or prevent radicalisation. In cooperation with the University of Coimbra, we studied cultural aspects of radicalisation. Finally, we worked with the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht on the ethical parallel research.