RAND Europe

RAND Europe is an independent not-for-profit research organisation whose mission is to help improve policy and decision making by undertaking objective, relevant research and analysis. RAND Europe continues a tradition of innovative problem-solving started by the RAND Corporation over sixty years ago and which today encompasses eight offices on three continents.

Our work lies on the continuum between that of universities and consultancies, combining the rigour of academic research and the professional, task-oriented approach of consultancies. Of particular relevance to this research proposal is the Security element of our Defence and Security programme. Their role is to assist policy and decision makers in facing the difficult and composite challenges created by today’s security environment.

Our knowledge and experience in defence and security matters ranges broadly; from developing an understanding of terrorism and violent extremism, through to the policy, strategic and operational issues of counter terrorism and counter insurgency and finally, to providing expertise to post-conflict reconstruction and implementation efforts.