Strategic Intelligence European Company

Founded in 1997, CEIS is France’s leading private-sector expert in strategic intelligence with a staff of 80 permanent consultants. It has been certified ISO 9001-2000 since 2002.

Using Open Source Intelligence tools and methodologies, CEIS assists companies, government bodies and public organisations by defining and deploying solutions that enable them to identify, manage and mitigate risks.

Its team of consultants, which includes defence and security specialists, have direct experience of the challenges facing intelligence analysts, be they new types of conflict, the proliferation of data types, the need for flexible coalitions and civil-military collaboration or the rapid deployment of analysts from strategic to tactical posts and back again.

CEIS has a number of European and national security organisations in its partner portfolio and has experts that cover a broad spectrum of intelligence cycle specialities from satellite imagery through to strategic decision making.

CEIS has corporate-wide security clearance. CEIS primarily conducts four types of missions in the fields of intelligence, defence, security and armaments: strategic analysis, training, technological and scientific forecasting, thorough analysis and benchmarking of technologies and weapons systems.