Hogeschool Utrecht (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht)

HU University of Applied Sciences is a knowledge institution committed to the innovation and professionalisation of professional practice through first-rate education and research.

We are a flourishing, fast growing university located in the heart of the Netherlands, currently enrolling more than 35,000 students. Our university places high emphasis on knowledge development and knowledge dissemination, which we consider part of our core mission. Research within the HU University of Applied Sciences is aimed at the innovation of professional practice and is tightly integrated in our education.

Knowledge development and knowledge dissemination are key concepts. This knowledge emerges from societal needs, and aims to professionalise current professional practice. The research will be hosted by the Institute for Safety and Security Management Studies. This institute is relatively young, and focuses on providing research and education in Integral Security Studies. The institute’s research interests include governance of the security sector - specifically on ethics and integrity - security and crisis management as well as probation.