The University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra was founded in 1290. It is the oldest university in Portugal and one of the oldest in the world, endeavouring to honour its past through a search for excellence and an attitude of social accountability. The University of Coimbra consists of eight Faculties, one Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and nearly 150 centres and units of research that provide specialized services to different national and international partners.

With nearly 18,000 national and international students (from around 60 different countries) who attend degree courses and several hundred post-graduate, master’s and doctorate courses, in combination with nearly 1,200 professors, lecturers and researchers, and the national and international recognition of the research conducted, the University of Coimbra is a valuable partner for the Portuguese and international economic fabric.

This University is not only a true icon of Portuguese culture in the world, but it also pursues a policy of constant improvement in various fields, which allow it to reassert the high quality of research and teaching, as well as an active role in the development of businesses and industry. Based on its R&D capabilities, the University of Coimbra has been developing projects for the creation of added value with over one thousand Portuguese and multinational bodies.

In terms of innovation, the University is a fundamental mechanism for entrepreneurial initiative and development, with a vast experience in the exchange of knowledge with companies and in services offered to various types of organizations. The University’s role in supporting entrepreneurship has been outstanding.